Sunday, June 30, 2013

Thoughts on ISTE13

Filing in for Opening Keynote
After a long trip back from San Antonio, involving missing exits, flight delays and a night spent in the floor of the yoga lounge of the Dallas airport I have had time to digest thoughts about ISTE 13.

As I said on the last episode of Capturing the Narrative, I have always had an issue with the show floor at these conferences, especially ISTE. First, for an outsider, I think it gives a horribly skewed perspective about the buying power of schools as a whole. All this money being spent to try and get a piece of the technology money of thousands of schools and systems. It makes it seems like teachers and school admins are just walking around with pockets of cash. We will throw this money at all of these huge booths filled with toys and take a few of the toys back. Then try it again next year.