Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Don't talk about politics...

John Spencer has a blog over at Education Rethink that echoes a lot of my own thoughts about teachers weighing in on education reform.

When I developed a workshop on Professional Development through Social Networking, in the best practices section I warned not to discuss politics and religion, with some caveats. I give the same advice to my Ed Tech students when we discuss blogging.

So what are those caveats?

When I say don't discuss religion, I don't mean to not tell someone "I am praying for you" or other sentiments based in Faith. What I mean is "Don't proselytize."

But the discussing politics requires more thought and nuanced limitations. We are in an inherently

I see with alarming regularity descriptions of what is going on in the classroom that sounds like nothing that goes on in my classroom. I see my students described as lazy and disconnected. I see my profession generalized as populated by disinterested careerists. With this public perception of our chosen field, is it any wonder when legislation and regulations are passed without our input?

This blog is called Capturing the Narrative because that is what we need to do as educators. If we do not share the amazing things that are going on in our classrooms, they will never be known. Likewise, if we do not reveal our opinions on new regulations and procedures, how will people know?

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